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4 ways of ensuring that your asphalt driveway is durable

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One of the best materials you can use to pave your driveway is asphalt. Asphalt is not only cost-effective, but it can also be infused with water-resistant and temperature-resistant additives. And with a proper sealcoat, your asphalt driveway will look clean and polished with the backdrop of the sun.

To ensure that your asphalt coating is of high quality, here are 4 important elements you should pay close attention to prior to installation.

1. Check the binders being used

The binders in your asphalt will determine how durable the mixture is over time. Binders keep the entire composition together even when moisture and sunlight wear down on the surface. In some cases, your contractor may add extra resins to ensure that the asphalt won't easily disintegrate. But remember that moderation in adding binders is key. Using too much binder will cause the asphalt to become brittle and to crack over time.

2. Check for purity

Your asphalt should contain minimal impurities that may compromise performance. Some of the core components of pure asphalt are bitumen, cement, and other hydrocarbons that were obtained from the distillation of crude oil.

If too many foreign items such as pigments, resins, and textures are added, the entire mixture could be prone to disintegration in a short amount of time. Make sure your asphalt contractor uses a mix that contains minimal foreign elements.

3. Make sure the flash point is high enough

Due to its viscosity, asphalt can become heated to a level where it ignites. What happens is that the hydrocarbons and fluids in an asphalt mixture can reach their boiling points under high temperatures. This causes the upper layers of an asphalt mix to ignite when exposed to fire.

Due to this potential safety hazard, make sure your asphalt mixture has a high-enough boiling point to minimise the risk of fire. Consider the outside temperatures of your local climate and pick an appropriate flash point.

4. What's the viscosity of your asphalt?

Another important factor to consider is viscosity. For your asphalt driveway to see many days, you need a mixture that isn't too viscous and isn't too brittle. Maintaining the perfect balance can be tricky. You need an accurate combination of binders and hydrocarbons to ensure that your asphalt isn't too volatile. Your contractor can walk you through the several combinations they use to achieve a durable product.

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