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4 Reasons to Repair Potholes in Your Asphalt Driveway

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A freshly laid asphalt driveway is a delight to drive onto, but over time potholes can develop that make the experience less than perfectly smooth. Potholes might appear to be minor problems, but they in fact pose risks to you, your home, and your vehicle. Here are four reasons to contact an asphalt repair service as soon as you notice potholes developing in your driveway.

1. Stop Damage in Its Tracks

Potholes get worse over time. When rainwater falls into the pothole in winter, it can freeze and expand, which cracks open the asphalt surface even more. Over time, a relatively small pothole can develop into a large area of damage. Avoid the cost of extensive asphalt repairs by taking care of potholes as soon as they develop.

2. Protect Your Vehicle

Driving over a pothole is not just uncomfortable. The sudden dip can actually damage your car's suspension, wheels and tyres. Keep your car safe from pothole-related damage by getting them repaired as soon as possible. Even driving around the potholes is not a foolproof solution, as in winter, swerving to avoid a pothole can lead to your car slipping out of control and colliding with a wall or other object. The best way to keep your vehicle out of harm's way is to contact a pothole repair service today.

3. Protect Your Family and Neighbours

If you have ever driven over a pothole while suffering from a bad back or broken rib, you know that the jarring bump that this experience entails can place a lot of strain on the body. Potholes can also lead to accidents, such as spills of hot drinks, which can cause burns. Finally, potholes can cause a vehicle to behave unpredictably, which poses a risk for anyone who is walking or standing on the driveway, or on the street just beyond. Prevent all kinds of pothole-related accidents by organising asphalt repairs for your driveway today.

4. Protect the Value of Your Home

Repairing your asphalt driveway is an easy way to increase your home's curb appeal, which is very important if you are hoping to sell the home. Potholes can create a very messy appearance, especially if they have weeds growing from them. A perfectly smooth asphalt driveway, on the other hand, can make your home appear more attractive to buyers, who may then be prepared to offer a higher price for it.