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Soakwells: 3 Circumstances When You May Have to Install Them in Your Property

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One of the biggest challenges that homeowners without access to municipal sewerage services have is disposing excess water from their property. A soakwell is an invention that helps you collect water from the roof when it rains and deposits it in an underground reservoir. The soakwell is usually porous and covered to prevent contamination. Once the water gets inside it, it slowly soaks into the surrounding soil.

The water gradually joins the rest of the groundwater. However, this usually happens after the soil and the well's walls have filtered out any impurities that may lead to contamination. Here are three circumstances where you should think about installing a functional soakwell on your property.

When Your House Is Suffering Water Damage

One of the main problems that arise when you do not dispose of water correctly is water damage to the home. Water damage will come about when water from the rain does not have an exit route out of your property. When you install gutters on your roof and add downspouts, but you do not have a tank to collect the water, it will end up in the soil around your house. As the ground soaks in the water, the foundation will start to shift. This can create serious structural problems for your home.

When you invest in soakwells, you protect your home, especially the foundation, from water damage. These features protect you from leaks, flooding, cracks, and other weaknesses that develop in the presence of excess water.

When Erosion is Ruining Your Landscaping

The second instance where a soakwell will come in handy is when erosion starts damaging your landscaping. When the flow of water is unguided, it ends up in the most unexpected places. Soil erosion is worst in areas where the topsoil is light and doesn't have vegetation to cover it. When the nutrient-rich topsoils are removed, you will have a hard time planting and taking care of new plants to maintain a beautiful landscape. However, soakwells will help you minimise soil erosion, making it easier to create a stunning lawn and landscape.

When You Need to Repair the Water Table

When you might need to install a soakwell, you need to conserve the water table. When you collect rainwater and direct it into a soakwell, it ends up inside the water table. As a result, this water follows the natural water cycle. You will avoid water problems when the water table is stable and when groundwater is accessible.

Choose a competent and professional installation expert to help you install a good quality soakwell around your property. They will help you protect your home from damage and improve the environment.