Expert Tips and Advice on Paving and Cement

Tips on Resurfacing and Maintaining Your Acrylic Tennis Court

16 Nov

The level and frequency of activities on an acrylic tennis court can accelerate wear and tear and necessitate regular surfacing. An even sports ground creates a safe environment for players without the risk of trip and fall accidents. The process of resurfacing and maintaining an acrylic tennis court may be different from other courts, such […]

Landscape Your Yard with Concrete Patterned Pavers

19 Oct

If you live in an area suffering from severe drought, you may be considering ways to conserve water. One thing to note is that lawns tend to take up a significant amount of water to stay hydrated. Therefore, the best place to start in your water conservation efforts would be to reduce the amount of […]

Simple DIY Tips for Bitumen Driveway Repair

12 Jun

The popularity of bitumen driveways in residential and commercial properties can be attributed to the general resilience and durability of the material. Basically, the surface is made from gravel which is bound together using petroleum residue products. The combination of the products forms a very hard and water-resistant material that provides long-term service under heavy […]